Happify Your Home: 5 Habits to Help You Find Your Apartment Bliss

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HomeDid you know March is Optimism Month? To celebrate, we’re focusing on a ton of tips for bringing extra touches of bliss into your life and home!

It’s often all too easy to find the things about our apartments that don’t make us happy. But how much time do we really spend thinking about those things in our apartments that make it a home instead of just another set of rooms?! Let’s face it … We spend a lot of time at home. So this week, let’s focus on five ways we can embrace our living spaces as private sanctuaries where we can find our own personal bliss in each and every room!

Claim “You” Space

Do you enjoy a cup of coffee every morning? Indulge in a bubble bath or extra-long shower every night? Indulge in a new book on lazy afternoons? Whatever little moments make your day, make sure you claim the space in which you enjoy them to really call your own. Set up a special reading nook with a comfy chair and plenty of light. Or, if you share living space, make sure you always bring your favorite blanket or pillow into the space where you enjoy your moment. Have a special table for your coffee, or always use your favorite mug. Line the tub with tea light candles or invest in a shower speaker to enjoy your favorite playlist. Make your moment into a true daily ritual that’s yours and yours alone.

Clean … and Then Don’t

One of the best habits you can establish for your home and happiness is taking 10 to 15 minutes to straighten up one or two rooms in your home on a daily basis. Whether it’s putting books back on your bookshelf, folding laundry, or finally clearing the dishes from the sink … a little bit of time spent tidying up will save you hours in deep cleaning. And even better, spending those 10 to 15 minutes during the week makes sure you can take a day—just one day during your weekend, at least—to just relax and enjoy your home. Even if you spend all day Saturday cleaning, make sure you set aside Sunday as your day to just kick back and enjoy all the bliss your home has to offer.

Indulge Your Ears

We challenge you to take one day this weekend and cater a few playlists with your favorite music. Have one programed for when you get home from work or school. Have one for doing the dishes or laundry. Have one for cleaning day. Have one for when you’ve had a really crummy day and just need to shake it off. Music is a great way to unwind, relax, or have a few minutes of fun just for yourself. Kick off your shoes, play a tune, and just do you!

Treat Your Taste Buds

Have you ever had a three, four, or five course meal? There’s nothing like finishing one phenomenal dish only to have another appear! At least once a week, plan out a special meal for yourself, indulge in the preparation of it, and really take the time to enjoy it. Plan your meal for a day you have no major obligations and few obligations, and save the cleanup for the next day so you’re not spending time you could be savoring your meal worrying about how much dish soap you have! It doesn’t have to be a four course meal; it could just be your favorite homemade mac and cheese, a plate full of fresh strawberries, or whatever else you love that you might not have on the regular!

Treat Yourself … and Your Home

You know those fancy napkins you only break out for company, or the special set of sheets you snagged for a visiting friend? Use the special items you’ve been saving for “special occasions” to make every day a little more special. Instead of just having dinner on a paper plate, set yourself a full table setting in your dining nook, including candles and the finest place settings you have. Indulge in at least one special, ultra comfy pillow for your bed. Make sure you have at least one special or specialty item per room so every day can be a special day.

What are you favorite parts of your home? Take some time to really appreciate them, and you’ll be home happy in no time!

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