Bright Lights, Small City: How to Bring Big City Style to Your Flagstaff Apartment

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Bright Lights, Small City: How to Bring Big City Style to Your Flagstaff ApartmentThis April our focus is RYAS: Rocking Your Apartment’s Socks! We’ll take you from recipes to try in the kitchen to thrifty apartment décor and much more!
When we think of the big city, one of the first things that comes to mind is always “style”! Whether it’s the hottest fashions or the latest trends, you can always count on cities like New York, LA, Philly, and Phoenix to give big ideas of what will be “the next big thing” across the country. This week, let’s borrow some ideas from big city style that you can easily bring to your home right here in Flagstaff!

Make It New

We’re all about reinventing and repurposing old stuff. Take something vintage and make it your own with a fresh coat of paint, a new pillow on an old chair, etc. The vintage look is super chic right now, so don’t be afraid to make an antique piece your living room’s statement piece.

Layers Are In

Play with texture, and don’t be afraid to drape and define your floors and furniture with layers. Layer your carpet with accent rugs. Drape two or three throw blankets on your couch.

Mix, Don’t Match

Forget about matching end tables, pillows, and décor. Don’t be afraid to mix things up with some mismatch work. Use at least two unique color patterns. Pair black and white with pops of vibrant colors: red, yellow, green, blue. Polka dots and stripes can totally rock it out together.

Bling Your Bookshelf

You can also throw out the idea that shelves are just for books or vases. Fill your shelves with a hodgepodge of accessories to show off your personal flare. Wine bottles, picture frames and photos, and other fun mementos add spice to your space … and variety is always the spice of life, so mix it up!


Urban chic is all about playing with textures. Smooth edge and armless seating are in, as are the blended textures that remind you of all things urban: bare brick, smooth metals, and reclaimed wood. Mix and match textured pieces—a wood bowl, stainless steel art piece, a unique stone as a paperweight … just play with the textures your world has to offer.

Taste the Rainbow

Pick a simple color pallet—black and white is always in style, but brown is becoming a favorite foundation hue, too—and make it pop with a rainbow of color. We already talked mismatching, but bringing a plain color base to life with those pops of color is another fun and easy way to recreate big city flair in your apartment home.

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