Moving Day: Must Haves for Your First Apartment

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Our theme this month is “I’m Movin’ Out.” May is a big month for move outs and other changes in your apartment home, so we thought we’d lend you a hand with making a move that doesn’t also make you lose your mind!

Must Haves for Your First Apartment

There may be nothing more exciting that getting your first apartment. Putting down the deposit, finding out it’s yours, and finally picking up your keys … what could be better than that? That being said, there’s a lot that goes into a move, and the first move is always the hardest! (And let’s not kid ourselves: the second and third move isn’t exactly easy, either.) Fortunately, we’ve got your back, and we’re here to share some great tips that will make your first move as smooth as possible!

Know Your Timeline

Move-in day sneaks up faster than you think. And there’s nothing worse than thinking you have all the time in the world to get ready to realize the big move is … tomorrow. The better organized you are for your move, the better your move-in day will be! So take some time, at least a few weeks out from your move, to plan out a moving timeline. Figure out times for everything from when you’ll sign your lease (hint: your new apartment’s leasing office can probably give you a good idea of how long it usually takes!) to setting up your bedroom and cooking your first meal in your new place! Plan for setting up your utilities if necessary, scheduling internet or cable installs, shopping for renter’s insurance, and everything in between!

Take Care of Your Utilities

Do you know what utilities are included with your new place? If not, get in touch with your apartment community and find out which ones are included and which ones you’ll need to set up. Get in touch with the utility companies as soon as you have set your move in date and get the ball rolling. And don’t forget cable or internet installations. And don’t forget that just because some things are included you may still want more … so ask specific questions about your utilities. If cable is included, find out what package. If the internet is included, ask if you have a data limit. If water, gas, and/or heat are included, know if there are caps.

Size Up the Joint

It’s time to break out a good old fashioned tape measure! Measure doorways, rooms, ceiling heights, hallways/stairwells, and more. There’s nothing worse than moving into a new place and realizing you can’t get your couch through the doorway! Hint: our website has a home décor tool you can use to plan the landscape of your move! If getting full measurements isn’t an option, at least know the square footage, so you know how much space you have to play with!

Shop Insurance

No matter how well you take care of your apartment, you want to make sure you have renter’s insurance whether it’s required or not! Find out if your new apartment community has a preferred or partnered renter’s insurance provider (i.e. ours is Resident Shield) and any specific requirements for coverage. If your community requires renter’s insurance, make sure you know minimum coverage requirements. Whether you go with your community’s preferred provider or a third party, it’s always a good idea to have your insurance information sent to the community in advance of your move, so you can get anything corrected prior to your move in to avoid delays in your timeline.

Avoid the Stores

It’s tempting to start buying new décor and furniture in advance of your move … but hold off. First, it will only add to what you have to pack! More importantly, you’ll avoid buying something that you later learn doesn’t work in your new place, whether because of space or a last minute change in décor plans.

Hire Help

We don’t mean you have to go and hire a moving company. But be prepared to at least bribe a few friends with a nice dinner for helping you move! Even if you’re convinced you can do it all on your own … chances are you’re going to need help with something along the way to moving into your new place. When picking folks to help you, keep in mind the things you usually struggle with: maybe it’s setting up your electronics, or moving that big bookshelf, or figuring out how to fit everything where you want it. Be sure to ask your pals for their help at least a few weeks in advance … and if they say they’ll help you, make sure you check in on their availability leading up to the big day!

Remember to Breathe

No matter what, remember: the move is just one day (or a few days) of the rest of your time in your new home. Don’t let the stress of a move ruin the love you have of your place! Take a deep breath, plan things out as best as you can, and go with the flow. Stay calm, and remember: This place is all yours!

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