Jump Into June with Flagstaff’s First Friday ArtWalk!

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Our theme this month is “Summer in the City.” June is a fun month for Flagstaff, with a ton of great activities you’re sure to enjoy coming up on the calendar! It’s not only the perfect month to take advantage of the free amenities we offer right outside your front door (we’re looking at you, barbeque grills!) … it’s also a time that Flagstaff comes alive with a ton of events, festivals, and more that you won’t want to miss! Join us as we take a look at how to start your summer off right in Flagstaff.

Jump Into June with Flagstaff's First Friday ArtWalk!

Today is a special Friday in Flagstaff … It’s First Friday! That means it’s time for the return of one of Flagstaff’s most popular monthly events: First Friday ArtWalk. The ArtWalk is Flagstaff’s monthly street party, with tons of events and opportunities to tantalize all your senses. Here are just a few ways to take advantage of all ArtWalk has to offer:
1. The Sights: Get ready to feast your eyes on a ridiculous amount of local artistic talent. You’ll enjoy galleries and storefronts bursting at the seams with paintings, sketches, textiles, and more. While ArtWalk has plenty of scheduled exhibits at spots like Beaver Street Gallery and The Artists’ Gallery, you can also enjoy artists and dancers who have taken to the streets to catch your eye!
2. The Sounds: Swing by the Orpheum and Flagstaff Bike Revolution for live music. But don’t limit yourself to the indoors. A walk past Heritage Square or down any downtown side street is sure to surprise you with the unique musical talents of drummers, guitarists, and many other musicians.
3. The Feels: You may be able to touch some of the art … or some of the art may touch you. We promise you’ll be inspired by the creativity and unique perspectives the artists on display have to offer. And who knows? The art and artistry on exhibit might just get your own creative juices flowing!
4. The Tastes: Yep, ArtWalk wouldn’t be ArtWalk without a ridiculous amount of free food! Almost all the exhibits have tasty treats for you to enjoy while you check out the art, but plenty of stops along the way will also feature enough food to put together an amazing meal. (And if you’re really clever, we kid you not, you can walk away with meals for a week!) Stop by Criollo for street tacos, Monsoon’s for the sushi bar, or Arizona Handmade/Fire on the Mountain Gallery for some “far out food”!
5. The Mysteries: We have yet to enjoy an ArtWalk where there wasn’t at least one thing that caught us by surprise. Whether it’s flame dancers in an alley, an impromptu dance party in Heritage Square, and artist who blows your mind, or just running into old or new friends, we promise ArtWalk will show you a side of Flagstaff you’ve never seen!

ArtWalk runs from 6pm to 9pm, with many downtown locations staying open even after 9 to keep the celebration going as long as possible. Don’t miss out! Let ArtWalk steal your senses for a few hours!

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