3 Subscription Meal Services to Try This Summer

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Three Subscription Meal Services to TryOne thing we love about Flagstaff is that there’s no shortage of amazing restaurants to try. From burger joints like Five Guys and Smashburger to Asian cuisine like Karma Sushi and Teppan Fuji, there’s a flavor out there for every tastebud! But one of our favorite thigs about summer? The chance to stay home and cook a nice homemade meal!

But let’s be honest … we don’t always have time for cooking at home. First there’s planning meals. Then there’s actually making it to the grocery store to get all your ingredients. Add to that the time you’ll spend hunting ingredients, preparing to cook, and actually figuring out your recipes, and cooking t home may begin to feel like a nightmare. Fortunately, we’ve come across some awesome sites that will help you with that! Nowadays you can subscribe to just about anything—from monthly shoe deliveries to makeup, and more—and our favorite subscription service for the summer has to be meal delivery boxes! Here are three of our favorites!

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is probably the cheapest meal delivery box option out there. The meal box comes with ingredients for three meals for two people, making it the perfect choice for a few homemade meals for yourself and a friend, or almost a week’s worth of meals if you live alone and don’t mind repeats! Boxes are delivered on Thursday or Friday of each week in packaging meant to keep your food fresh for up to 24 hours after delivery in case you’re not home to get your box right away. And for just under $60 for what amounts to almost a week’s worth of food, you’re already saving on what you’d pay if you actually ate out all week (we’re guilty as charged) or went grocery shopping every week! Learn more and subscribe at www.blueapron.com!


HelloFresh is probably second in popularity to Blue Apron, and comparable in price at just under $70 per week. This subscription offers a “Classic” or “Veggie” box with options for all tastes, and meal prep runs at just around 30 minutes making it a time saver in more ways than one. HelloFresh meals promise recipes that are seasonal, fresh, and of the highest quality. One added benefit of HelloFresh is the ability to choose three out of five recipes each week, giving you a little more control over your menu. The only downside is that some recipes can be a little harder to follow, but with a little patience you’ll get the hang of your new culinary prowess in no time! Check them out at www.hellofresh.com!


Plated is the most expensive of the meal subscription plans, but many people seem to prefer their recipes and suggest the fun and fresh flavors are worth a little extra bank. Just like the other weekly boxes, Plated provides pre-portioned ingredients to create delicious recipes for great meals with half the effort it’d take if you planned the meal start to finish on your own. Plated also offers a little bit more personalization, in that you share upfront what you like to eat to help the Plated chefs pick recipes just for you! Learn more and give them a try at www.plated.com!

Happy Cooking!

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