5 Cleaning Tips for People Who (Really) Hate to Clean!

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Five Cleaning Tips for People Who (Really) Hate to Clean!It’s summer, and that means it’s time for fun. But it also means it’s time to declutter your apartment, and let’s face it … nobody likes cleaning. If you’re like us, keeping your space neat may present a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve picked up some helpful tips for folks like us who really, really, spectacularly, hate having to clean!

1. Make It A Challenge. Set a timer, and tell yourself you HAVE to get that corner of the room cleaned before time runs out. Or, imagine that there’s someone on the other side of your bedroom wall also cleaning their room, and it’s your challenge to beat them. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a limited amount of time. Try typing your time limit into Google (i.e. “10 minute timer”) to pull up an automatic timer that will sound when time runs out! Or, create a 10-30 minute playlist and challenge yourself to finish cleaning before the end of the final song.

2. Make It A Party.  Speaking of music, there’s no rule that says you can’t dance your way through cleaning! Create a cleaning playlist full of songs that inspire you or make you happy, and start cleaning! The Seven Dwarves whistle while they work, so you can totally wobble while you wash. Just keep your dance moves a little tamer during tasks like dusting!

3. Make It Multiply. No, we don’t mean add more cleaning tasks to your checklist! We’re talking about making cleaning less of a chore by cleaning while you do something else you enjoy. It’s easy to enjoy a glass of wine while you wash the dishes. Chat on the phone with your best friend while you fold your laundry. Watch a movie while you dust and sweep. Put knick-knacks away during commercial breaks. Listen to a book on tape. Study for that upcoming exam. Knock the boredom out of cleaning!

4. Make It Worthwhile. Nothing makes cleaning more pleasant than knowing you get a prize at the end of your labors! Set a cleaning goal, and make sure it includes a reward for seeing it through. Whether it’s a luxurious bath, an extra dessert, a shopping trip, or even money (yes, you CAN pay yourself), keep your eyes on the prize while you clean to make it feel more like a treat than a tribulation!

5. Make It Disappear. While we’re not exactly talking about shoving things into drawers, don’t forget to take advantage of cabinet and drawer space for knick-knacks and other items that might not have a place. At the same time … if you can’t think of the right place for something, it might be that it doesn’t belong in your apartment at all. That goes for everything from d├ęcor to that extra pair of boots. Remember, the less you have, the less you have to clean! We know it’s hard to whittle down on stuff—even the mention of throwing out shoes made us wince—but you’ll be glad you did when it takes you 10 minutes to clean instead of 20 hours!

(Pro Tip: Want an easy way to declutter before you clean? Buy yourself a large storage box and just dump everything in there! Don’t worry about being neat and tidy … just get it in the box. This makes it so much easier to get the basics taken care of… We’re talking about making the bed, sweeping the floors, dusting, doing the dishes, etc. Once those things are taken care of, and everything looks nice and tidy, start going through the box; put things back where they belong, and leave things with no place in the box to donate or toss later!)

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