5 Ways to Meet New People in Your New Neighborhood

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Five Ways to Meet New People in Your New NeighborhoodIt’s Move In Month! August is a huge move-in month here in Flagstaff, and we’re seeing it here in our community, too! We’re so happy to have you all joining our community, and look forward to serving our new residents and continuing to serve our current residents. This month, we’re focusing on ways to make your new community feel more like home.

There’s nothing scarier than moving to a new place. Whether you’re just moving out of your parents for the first time, moving across the country from all your friends, or simply relocating to a new apartment community, the big move is daunting more for the personal change than the change in location. But did you know there are a lot of easy ways to meet new people in your neighborhood? It just takes a little courage and a willingness to put yourself out there! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Classmates and Coworkers

Whether you’re in Flagstaff for school or a new job, there’s no doubt some of the first people you’ll meet after your move are your new classmates and coworkers. So why not reach out to them? Suggest a study group. Invite your coworkers to hang out at a local restaurant or happy hour. As you get to know these people, pinpoint shared interests and begin forming connections based on those!

2. Welcome Mat

No doubt as you move into your new place you’ll run into at least a few of your neighbors. Say “hello” to anyone you pass in the community, whether it’s your next door neighbor, a neighbor on a nearby building, someone you pass at the mailboxes, or that other late night laundry washer. Don’t be afraid to be the first to make introductions, and create a sense of openness and welcome that will in turn encourage your new neighbors to reach out to you.

3. Surf the Web

Not too long ago we shared tips on using social media sites to meet new people. While it can feel a little awkward, there are plenty of helpful sites that will get you out into your new neighborhood meeting people in no time. Check out Meetup.com, where you can find a ton of great groups based on shared interests that meet weekly or more right where you live!

4. Get Furry

We know this kind of falls into the same circle as “using your little brother/sister to pick up a date” but … come on, everybody loves a new furry neighbor. Take your dog to the dog park or walk him around property. Hang out with your cat and let her meet your neighbors. Ask someone in the neighborhood to share their best tips on keeping all that animal fur off the carpet and your furniture. Who knows … maybe your puppies new best friend will lead you to your new best friend.

5. Be “That Guy/Girl”

We all know “That Guy” who we always run into at the bookstore, or “That Girl” who always sits at the end of our favorite bar. Become that person by finding your favorite restaurant or shop and joining the crowd of regulars! Don’t be afraid to accept that invite into a conversation. Ask the other person you always see there how long they’ve been coming to this new favorite spot of yours, and what else they love about your new town. And remember, you can become “That Guy/Girl” right here … once you start running into the same people at the laundry room or fitness center, spark conversation! Grab your morning coffee and hang out in a common area, and be “That Guy/Girl” who makes anybody else who joins you feel welcome!

Remember: A night in with Netflix may seem like an ideal way to spend your evenings, but you’ll never meet new people that way! Accept invitations to hang out. Ask to borrow a cup of sugar, and be willing to lend out your toolbox. And don’t forget, we’ve already made it a little easier for you to meet your neighbors! Our awesome CARES Team provides a number of fun and free events every month that you can easily join in, and that present a perfect opportunity to meet your neighbors and make friends right where you live!

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