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Our theme this month is “There’s No Place Like Home”! As we welcome all of our new residents to Woodlands Village, our team wants to focus on welcoming you to our community. Throughout this month, we’ll introduce you to your new home, our team, and other fun ways to help you feel at home here!

Woodlands Village Team

Just like Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz, there’s no place like home! We’re happy you decided to call Woodlands Village your home in Flagstaff, and know there must be a ton of reasons you chose us over your other options. We thought we’d share some of our top reasons we love it here, too!

7. “Put Our Service to the Test”

We’re keeping it real like Lumiere when we invite you to “be our guest” … because our customer service is above the rest! We’re glad to have the opportunity to serve our residents, and we know it stands out how much we care!

6. Party Over Here!

One of the ways we love to serve our residents is through our resident events. Did you miss our end of summer block party? Well that’s just a sample of how we keep things fun here at Woodlands! Residents love our CARES Events and resident events like our special movie nights at Harkins Theater. So as you settle into your new home, keep your eyes peeled and ears alert for the next event we’ll bring your way!

5. Speedy Delivery!

Our Maintenance Crew is the BEST! Go ahead and clock our response time to your service needs … we promise you won’t be disappointed. And with a careful eye for detail, you’ll always be happy when our team takes care of your maintenance concerns!

4. Home is Where the Heart Is

If home is where the heart is, there’s no place like Woodlands Village. We love the sense of community that we see here! The folks who live here are more than just “people sharing space” … They’re neighbors, friends, and family. We love when you stop by the office to share a story with us, or when we see groups hanging out at the pool, playing games in the clubhouse, or sharing a BBQ with their neighbors!

3. The Club(house) is Jumpin’, Jumpin’

Okay, so it’s not exactly the kind of club Beyonce was talking about, but don’t kid yourself … in our Clubhouse the party ain’t gonna stop. For a lot of people a clubhouse is a clubhouse, but at Woodlands ours is stylish and fun! We love seeing residents take advantage of the space for everything from game nights to wedding receptions; it’s one of the things that reminds us what a great community we have!

2. Yoda Says …

We love to see you laugh, so we do what we can to keep things light. One of the things our residents love are our dorky package notices. If you’ve been by the office recently for a package, it’s probably because Yoda reminded you that “a package you have”!

1. No Community Without “U”

What’s the number one thing that makes us love it here at Woodland Village? YOU! We love our jobs, our company, and our residents. We truly care about what we do, and hopefully that’s reflected through our commitment to service. Because we wouldn’t be here without you … and we’re thankful every day that you made Woodland Village your home!

Those are just a few of the reasons we love our Woodlands Village community … but we all know there are SO many other things to love! What do you love about Woodlands?!

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