4 Sweet Cheats for Entertaining on a Budget

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Fully fledged dinner parties can take a big bite out of your budget, and many of those who seek to entertain in elegant style are frequently discouraged by the price tag of throwing a dinner party. However, the following are four strategies that are designed to keep costs low, and the modern kitchens in Woodlands Village apartments in Flagstaff, Arizona, make cooking (and entertaining) fun and easy.

Throw a Dessert Party

Dessert parties are elegant and fun. Good-quality vanilla ice cream topped with fresh summer fruit that is served with a cold glass of Pinot Gris is ideal on a warm summer evening, and you can't beat a freshly baked fruit pie any time of year. 

Serve a Vegetarian Feast

Meat is the costliest item on the shopping list of those planning dinner parties. With a well-crafted white sauce over pasta Primavera, no one is going to notice the lack of meat.

Host a Wine and Cheese Bash

Inviting friends to your apartment complex for a wine and cheese party is a classy way to entertain that won't reduce your discretionary household funds to ground zero. You do not have to purchase the most expensive wines from France or Italy. South African vineyards produce wines that are both delicious and affordable.

Choose a Less Pricey Cut of Meat

If you must have meat on the menu, consider cooking a low-cost pork shoulder roast. Cooking it low and slow will result in savory, tender meat that falls off the fork. For beef eaters, nothing beats an expertly cooked brisket, and it comes with an attractively low price tag

Above all, keep in mind that even the most humble feast will be a perfect fit for the gods if it is served with love by gracious hosts. Please contact our office at your convenience to learn more about apartment options near NAU in West Flagstaff. 

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