Must-See Flagstaff Attractions for All Ages

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Fascinating cultural attractions, invigorating outdoor recreation and beautiful natural wonders make Flagstaff, Arizona an ideal destination to replenish the mind and rejuvenate the body. Below are some must-see attractions that no one should miss when residing in this lovely part of the country.

Walnut Canyon

Because it is located near the Grand Canyon, the city of Flagstaff is a very popular getaway destination. The closest Grand Canyon trail to Flagstaff is the lovely Walnut Canyon. This area features two trails, one of which is a rim trail, while the other leads to the actual Canyon itself. Both trails are about a mile long and can be walked in less than an hour at a brisk pace. Visitors also have the opportunity to observe Native American dwellings, which are peppered along the landscape of both trails.

Lowell Observatory 

Founded by Percival Lowell, the man who discovered the planet Pluto, the Lowell Observatory deserves to be included on every vacationer's itinerary. Founded in 1894, the observatory is still one of America's primary centers for astronomical research. Tours are available by experienced guides or visitors can simply enjoy the observatory on their own. Regardless of which option is chosen, the experience will never be forgotten.

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

A literal fountain of fire, the volcanic eruption of the Sunset Crater Volcano destroyed everything within a five mile radius. After the eruption, residents in nearby Wupatki and Walnut Canyon discovered that the thin layers of cinder and ash benefited their crops by helping the soil retain moisture. For this reason, trade and agriculture flourished for approximately 100 years before the indigenous tribes moved on again. In 1930, the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument was established by then-president Hoover to permanently protect it as an Arizona landmark.

Museum of North Arizona 

The Museum of North Arizona offers a broad range of archaeological displays for visitors of all ages. The Kiva Gallery, which features a beautiful collection of Navajo weaving, ceramics and Indian pottery is one of the largest of the museum's displays. In addition, there is an Ethnology display showcasing the Navajo, Pai and Zuni tribes as well as a discovery area where children can participate in various learning activities. The impressive museum also boasts an overlook for viewing the Flagstaff Nature Trail and the beautiful Flag River. 

Berizona Wildlife Park

Bearizona is a 165 acre wildlife park located in the heart of a pine forest. Visitors can drive through three miles of Ponderosa or take a 20 acre walk along meandering paths where they can view bear, buffalo, deer, birds of prey and a beautiful array of botanical delights. Ideal for any type of outdoor adventure, a trip to Berizona is a must see for any Flagstaff dweller.

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