Your Guide to Improving Your Billiards Game

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When living at Woodlands Village Apartments in Flagstaff, Arizona, you may soon discover that you have a passion for billiards, thanks to the pool table that's included in our community clubhouse. However, if you are not yet a billiards expert, you don't have to worry! Here are a few tips from the masters to put your best foot forward whenever you play pool.

Picking a Side

You should pick a side of a ball to hit, not the entire ball. Viewing the left and right sides of your intended target as two targets is a great way to fool your mind into aiming more precisely.

Planning Bank Shots

You might not be able to hit every bank shot that you try. (A bank shot is when a pool player causes the cue ball or an object ball to rebound off the cushioned edges of the billiards table.) Your strategy should include superior positioning of the cue ball, should you miss your bank shot.

Breaking Bad

One of the best-kept secrets in the game is to use a lighter stick if you want a harder break at the start of the game. Although a heavier cue stick gives more power, you need the hand speed to match it. Most professionals will use a completely different cue for breaking, and the break cue can be as light as 17 ounces.

Splitting the Hole

In order to increase your accuracy and decrease the chance of a scratch (i.e., when the cue ball ends up in a pocket), aim your shot so that it banks off of the exposed pocket jaw. There are very few shots to take that call for you to aim right up the center of a pocket.

Center Cueing

A law of table physics: If your ball comes off rail and goes through the exact table center, it cannot scratch.

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