Top Ten Must-Haves for Your Apartment Sparkle Kit

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This spring, don’t just clean your apartment … make it sparkle! Every home needs a good “sparkle” kit: an essential stock of cleaning supplies to make everything from spot cleaning to spring cleaning a breeze. Here are our top ten picks to add some charm to your clean!

1. The Caddy Shack. Find yourself a nice, easy to tote, cleaning caddy. You can pick up a cheap one at the Dollar Store. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy … just easy to move around!

2. Mrs. Meyers. We are seriously in love with the entire cleaning line from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day series! Check out the multi-surface everyday cleaner, which comes in a variety of enticing scents.

3. Go Green on Glass. It used to be that every home needed a bottle of Windex, but in today’s green culture maybe something a little more natural is called for. We like the whole Method line, but their Glass and Surface cleaner in mint warms our hearts brighter than the light it lets pour through our windows!

4. The Method to Our Madness. Every home needs an all-purpose cleaner, and Method delivers again with another perfect scent: honeycrisp apple.

5. “Goo”d Housekeeping. Goo Gone. No home is ever clean enough without Goo Gone. This stuff is like magic.

6. Do You Believe in Magic? We do. If housekeeping had a Mount Olympus, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser would totally be Zeus. This thing cleans EV.ER.Y.THING!!! And there’s a variety pack? Hallelujer!!

7. Eat My Dust. Not you … a dustpan. Target sells a cute little Up & Up Mini Dustpan Set. Saying goodbye to dust bunnies has never been so easy.

8. A Royal Flush. “I love scrubbing the toilet!” Said no one … ever. That’s why we have toilet wands. Grab a Clorox Toilet Wand and keep your hands out of the toilet. You’re welcome.

9. Swiff and Flick! Speaking of wands, we’re convinced the Swiffer Duster is secretly a magic wand. Stick one of these in your cleaning kit and you’re set. Bonus: when you run out of the actual duster covers, just replace it with homemade fleece bands!

10. A Breath of Fresh Air. We probably could have made this whole list Method products, but variety is the salt of life. That said … when it comes to a planet-friendly air freshener, we’re giving the gold to Method again. Their scents include pomegranate, beach sage, and wild poppy. Captain Planet would be proud.

Happy Cleaning!

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