Be the Grill Master: Summer Barbecue Tips

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Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of some of our awesome community features … including the grill! Here are some tips to help you host an awesome summer barbecue!

Burger, Schmurger!
Yes, everybody loves a good burger at a barbecue, but why not try mixing it up? Add black bean burgers for your vegetarian friends, and try jazzing things up with some tasty kabobs!

You’re the Tops
If you’re sticking with the standard barbecue fare (chicken, burgers, hot dogs, etc.), you can easily impress with some stellar toppings! Add blue cheese or bacon to your burgers. Make cheddar stuffed, bacon-wrapped hot dogs and brats. Pull out some untraditional toppings that your friends and family can use to customize their meal for a unique experience!

Theme Team
Pick a theme for your barbecue and decorate accordingly. We’re still waiting for someone to throw us a Game of Thrones themed BBQ … please, let it be you!

That’s Entertainment!
Break out some music! Snag some classic backyard games. Don’t expect your guests to entertain themselves (as awesome as you are at the grill … nobody’s THAT awesome). Make sure there’s plenty of entertainment to keep your party going!

Time is On Your Side
Make sure you plan, plan, plan! Marinate meats 2 hours in advance. Double and triple check your supplies a few hours before your start time. Budget time so you don’t over or undercook your food. And make sure folks aren’t sitting around too long before you feed them!

Happy Grilling! Share your perfect barbecue moments with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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