From Flagstaff Apartments to Europe and Beyond: 3 Reasons to Study Abroad

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With close proximity to NAU, the University Plaza and Varsity Shopping Centers in Flagstaff, Woodlands Village Flagstaff apartments are ideal for area students. However, studying in a nation other than your home country brings a range of invaluable experiences and opportunities. The following are three top reasons to study abroad for at least a semester:

1. Travel From Your Flagstaff Apartment is Horizon-Expanding

In the same way that travel gives the adventurer access to experiences and knowledge they can’t get from a book or video, studying abroad brings this times ten (or more.) Meeting people from different cultures, communicating in a non-native language, seeing new sights and having new experiences will expand your perspective on life and the world in amazing ways. You’ll likely have access to classes and subjects that aren’t available in your home country. Your Flagstaff apartment will be waiting when you return.

2. Finding Your Groove is Character-Building

Meeting new people, finding your way in new surroundings, and succeeding academically in an unfamiliar environment will help you to build tenacity and other skills while you’re there. You’ll become more independent, confident and self-assured. You’ll come back a more well-rounded and worldly person, with a broader and more enriched perspective on yourself and people in general.

3. You’ll Be Better Prepared for the World Economy

As technology grows and expands, the world gets smaller and smaller. We’re all far more connected than we once were. Many jobs require awareness of a world economy, not just a local or national one. After studying abroad, you’ll be better equipped and prepared for succeeding in the world economy no matter where you decide to live or which career path you choose.

Studying abroad can enrich your education and your life in countless ways. If you’re attending NAU in Flagstaff, consider making Woodlands Village Flagstaff apartments your residence during your studies. With easy walk ability to school, shopping, dining and entertainment, it’s the perfect backdrop for academic experiences. The beautiful Arizona desert views and Grand Canyon access are added bonuses to living here.

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