3 Reasons to Start Indoor Rock Climbing

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If you live in Flagstaff, you have a lot of different ways to stay in shape. It's always good to spice up your routine by trying something new. Rock climbing fans say that their sport is one of the most enjoyable.  Consider these three reasons why you should start indoor rock climbing now:

1. Rock climbing is not as scary as you may think.

Seeing people dangling off of an indoor rock-climbing wall may appear intimidating, but it's easier than it looks.  In fact, experienced rock climbers tell beginners that indoor rock climbing is a very accessible sport.  It's a question of mind over matter.  Try not to feel intimidated, and even if you do, don't let your feelings stop you.  Rock climbing is a lot of fun, and after you try it, you will be glad that you gave it a chance.  Don't expect perfection at first.  Like all things worth doing, rock climbing takes practice, so be patient and persistent.

2. Rock climbing is great exercise for your body.

Rock climbing does wonders for your cardiovascular fitness, and it's a great way to develop upper-body strength.

3. Rock climbing is also great exercise for your brain.

Figuring out how to get up the wall challenges the mind — and challenges are what make your brain thrive.  

Where to Go Indoor Rock Climbing in Flagstaff

Two popular places in Flagstaff are the Beta Bouldering Gym, which is the largest indoor rock climbing facility in Northern Arizona, and Flagstaff Climbing, which has two gyms, one in downtown Flagstaff and the other on Main Street.

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