4 Ways to Sneak Exercise into Your Day Around Your Flagstaff Apartments

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Work Out EquipmentIf your efforts to get healthy fall to the wayside as life takes a busy turn, you may benefit from sneaking fitness into your routine any way you can. You can make tiny adjustments to the way you approach your day to create a realistic exercise routine. You will never have to worry about lacing up your running shoes and venturing out of your apartments in Flagstaff after enacting the four following ways to sneak exercise into your day.

Breakfast Stretches

As you leisurely chow down on your morning fuel, sit on the floor and perform some full body stretches to warm up for the day. Gently hold each stretch for at least fifteen seconds to maximize the benefit of performing this routine.

Walk Everywhere Near Your Apartments in Flagstaff

Trade in your driving routine for a nice walk around near your Flagstaff apartments. If you can easily make it to your destination in ten to twenty minutes on foot, skip the car and give yourself the benefits of taking a brisk walk.

Take the Stairs

In the time you normally wait for the elevator, you can arrive at your floor by taking the stairs instead. Slowly ramp up your speed to turn this activity into a short, but effective, interval training session.


You can keep up with fitness while sitting at work by utilizing the right tools for the job. For example, you can replace your chair with a large fitness ball or slide a mini stationary bike underneath your desk to remain active while completing your tasks.

After adopting the four above practices, you can kick back and relax at the end of the day, knowing that you met your fitness goals without compromising on other areas of your life. Make additional lifestyle improvements by calling 928-774-6968 to find out more about the available floor plans at the Woodlands Village Apartment Homes.

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