4 Indoor Plants To Spruce Up Your Apartment

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cacti in potsBringing the vibrancy of nature into a personal space helps people bond with nature and bring the indoors to life. Here are four plants that may help the residents of Woodland Village in Flagstaff, Arizona, spruce up your living space.

Peace Lily

Large tropical plants can make the edge of a large window or sliding glass door seem like your outdoors. This species is native to the warm climate areas of the Americas and Southeast Asia. The peace lily grows to about 5-6 feet and enjoys large dark, glossy green leaves and lovely white flowers. The stunning flame-like flowers give off a powerful fragrance and the best news is that it’s one of the easiest indoor plants to grow and maintain. They require moist soil and a well-lit indirect sunlight space to thrive.

Lemon Balm

A window with a sill or small table in a sunny spot makes an excellent place to grow lemon balm. The herb is a simple green leaf plant from the mint family and gives off a pungent lemony aroma. It also has medicinal uses that include stress relief and improved digestion. On top of all these benefits, it tends to deter mosquitos and other biting insects.

Tiny Cacti

A variety of small cactus plants in colorful bowls and planters make strategic areas of the home more vibrant. They’re also a tremendous curiosity item when friends and family visit. Another plant group that requires only modest care, desert cacti flourish in well-drained compost, enjoy tepid water and do well with plenty of sunlight. They’re adapted for hot desert conditions and are unlikely to fail.


This hanging plant is well-recognized for its ornate green and white striped foliage. It prefers medium-to-strong sunlight and can sustain in low light, but tends not to flourish. It’s an eye-catching darling whose family enjoys a variety of shapes and one member even has striking red-tinged leaves. They are slow growers and do not require much pruning. The wonderful thing about hanging plants is that they inject beautiful greenery into a vacant area and elevate foliage off the floors, counters and into the air. Hanging plants such as Peperomias can be real game-changers.

We hope these indoor plant suggestions help our Woodland Village community members spruce up your personal space or are a springboard for other ideas. If you or a friend would like more information about our Flagstaff apartments and available floor plans, call us today!

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