5 Phone Apps to Get the Most Out of Your Summer

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girl on phoneSummer is officially here and that means that a ton of great new apps are available to help you pass the time in the summer sun! Whether you’re looking for apartment gardening tips or need some help editing your social media posts to perfection—there’s an app out there that will make your life easier and this summer one to remember.

Top 5 Best Apps to Try This Summer

1. A Color Story. This free photo-editing app is perfect for taking all of your summer-themed snaps to the next level. With lots of beautiful filters included and even more you can buy, you’ll love the way your snaps look!

2. Smartyplants. Want to make sure your apartment home is full of fun, vibrant and thriving plants this summer? Use Smartyplants to easily access information on how to keep your plants alive all summer long and reap the rewards of your newfound green thumb.

3. Dark Sky. Planning the perfect summer picnic just got easier with Dark Sky. Where your built-in weather app fails, Dark Sky swoops in to give you accurate rainfall predictions down to the minute!

4. Serial Box. If you want to get caught up in a great story this summer and skip a bulky book, Serial Box provides you with access to serialized fiction stories that are released in 40-minute episodes each week. Subscribe to a story and tune in as it plays over a 10 to 16 week period.

5. Ice Cream Please. On the hottest days of summer, traveling to get the perfect scoop of ice cream can seem like a big hassle. But with this awesome app, all you have to do is tap, “ice cream, please” to ping the closest ice cream truck to come to you!

Beat the Heat This Summer

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