Get Your Apartment Hygge-Style Cozy for Fall

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Fall brings with it crisper air, pumpkin spice lattes and a new school year. Flagstaff’s cooling climes mean September is the perfect time to nest into your apartment and get ready for the change of seasons. If you’re up on the hygge trend, you might be all over it … but if you’re not, here are several ideas.

Read Up on Hygge

Hygge—pronounced hoogah—is a concept with which we’re all familiar, even if you’ve never heard the term before. Essentially, it means using coziness to create a feeling of contentment and closeness. Think thick socks, warm blankets and cocoa; all are classic hygge elements. Make this your new fall word, and start instituting it into your life, and your Flagstaff apartment, today.

Pull Your Blankets Out of Storage

You probably haven’t used them much all summer, but it’s time to pull out your blankets. Drape them over couches and chairs or stack them in the corner where they’re easily accessible.

Arrange Your Mugs on the Counter

Nothing says cozy like a mug of something hot. Arranging your mugs on the counter will remind you to grab a hot cuppa before you sit down to work at your desk or table. For extra cuteness, arrange your coffee canister, tea tins and cocoa jars nearby.

Fall Scents Galore

Cinnamon apple, warm vanilla and smoky campfire scents all bring fall within easy reach. Grab that fall feeling with some fun scents at home. Beware of burning candles, though, as those can pose a fire hazard. Instead, try soy melts or incense, which make the air smell heavenly without disastrous potential.

If you’re ready to find cozy Flagstaff apartments in time for fall, get in touch with us here at Woodlands Village. We would love to show you around, tell you a bit about our community, and get you settled into your perfect floor plan, so come visit today!

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