10 Fun Facts About Coffee

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You drink it every day, but how much do you know about it? Coffee is chock full of fun facts for you to digest along with your morning cup of coffee!

Dark Roasts Have Less Caffeine

Coffee loses its caffeine as it roasts. Surprisingly, light roasts have more caffeine.

Coffee May Decrease Risk of Alzheimer’s

There is some evidence that suggests that drinking coffee regularly reduces the risk of Alzheimer's.

Cream Makes Coffee Stay Warmer for Longer

Counterintuitive, but true. Adding creamer will keep your coffee warmer.

Coffee Grounds Repel Slugs

Have a slug problem? Keep your coffee grounds. It’ll keep them at bay.

Hawaii is the Only American State to Grow Coffee

No other state in the U.S. grows coffee due to the climate. Other than Hawaiian-grown coffee, all consumed coffee is imported.

Goats Discovered Coffee’s Effects

Legend has it that the uplifting effects of coffee came from a goat, who nibbled on the beans and started jumping around.

Coffee Grows on Trees

Unlike other beans, coffee comes from trees. Coffee trees can grow up to 30-feet tall but have been cultivated to only grow to 10-feet tall for easy picking. Additionally, the coffee bean is inside of a bright red berry.

Coffee Affects Everyone Differently

Research has shown that everyone reacts in unique ways to caffeine. That’s why some people are actually mellowed out by coffee.

Decaf Doesn’t Mean Caffeine Free

Decaf was studied and it was determined that even decaf contains trace amounts of caffeine. Drinking 5-10 cups of decaf is equal to 2 cups of normal coffee.

Coffee is the Second-Most Traded Commodity

Second only to oil, the coffee trade is one of the biggest industries in the world.

Now you're ready to enjoy your coffee with a little more knowledge about what you're drinking. Are you seeking an apartment in Flagstaff? We’ve got you covered! Contact us today to view our beautiful floor plans.

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