5 Dreamy Decor Tips to Inspire Your Space

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pine cone on table

When autumn brings its cooler air and gentle beauty to Woodlands Village, our beautiful Flagstaff apartments, the whole community gets in the rearranging and decorating mood. 

Here are a handful of ideas to inspire your seasonal whimsy!

1. Add Glitter for a Dreamy Dining Table

That metallic spray paint you used once and put on a shelf? Find it! Spray apples and pine cones, bottles and yard-sale candlesticks, and you've got a delightfully festive centerpiece.

2. Adorn the Side Tables With Beautiful Edibles

Decorate a side table with an eclectic assortment of gourds and squashes, and fill bowls with nuts and a nutcracker. This can double as an edible arrangement if you've selected a variety of nuts, gourds and pumpkins for Thanksgiving pies or traditional roasted chestnuts

3. Make a Cheery Holiday Waste Basket

Save a large box and simply cover it with gift wrap. It'll look wintry and fun, and will work like a charm when you need a container for ready gifts.

Bonus: It'll be there after the parties to toss more gift wrap into!

4. Bring a Little Evergreen into Your Space

Pieces of evergreen set a traditional tone. Sprigs and vines and pine cones can dress up shelves. They can turn bottles and bowls into decorative vessels, too! Plus, evergreen arrangements make your space smell sweetly woody and fresh.  

5. Try Tinted Light Bulbs for a Warm and Cozy Mood

Lighting is important when we're missing our long, bright Arizona days! A mix of lighting, in a variety of hues, can make your space feel exotic. Try shedding a different light on your interior this season.

Celebrate the Season at Woodlands Village Apartment Homes in Flagstaff

We hope your autumn brings gentleness, joy, and celebrations. Don't hesitate to invite your guests to contact us if they are looking for a new home in the company of friends!

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