Don’t Fall for These Apartment Cleaning Myths

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Don't Fall for These Apartment Cleaning Myths 

We’ve all heard of housekeeping hacks and fool-proof methods that are “guaranteed” to keep our West Flagstaff apartments spic-and-span. Be careful, though—you can’t always believe what you hear! Sometimes these cleaning myths can cause more harm than good.

If you’re gearing up for spring cleaning and are on the lookout for some reliable housekeeping tips to keep your beautiful Woodlands Village apartment in Flagstaff, AZ clean and tidy, be sure not to fall for these apartment cleaning myths that won’t get the job done!

5 Apartment Cleaning Tips (That Failed)

  1. Toothpaste Cleans Silver – It’s best to avoid toothpaste when cleaning your silver. It is very abrasive compared to silver polishes, and over time it can damage your pieces.
  2. Hairspray Removes Ink – Years ago, hairspray had a higher alcohol content and did help remove ink stains. Today, however, hairspray is made with “stiffeners” that will make the spot worse. Plain rubbing alcohol works best.
  3. Tea Cleans Wooden Furniture – Although rumored that teabags work well for cleaning wooden furniture, this is definitely not the case. Anytime wood is exposed to water, there is a chance for stain damage to the natural wood.
  4. Bleach is the Best Cleaner – False. Bleach does not clean. It will kill bacteria and lighten stains, but it does not remove dirt or stains like soap.
  5. Dryer Sheets for Dusting Furniture- This is actually partially true. Fresh, new laundry sheets contain oils that can stain surfaces. The used dryer sheets work well though, as the oils were dispersed in the dryer.

Another tip for tidier looking apartments in Flagstaff, is to start with a great floor plan! Woodlands Village offers a selection of studio, one- or two-bedroom apartment homes to fit every lifestyle. We invite you to stop by today (or invite a friend)  to experience these quality and luxury apartments in West Flagstaff.

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