Three Make-Ahead Dinners

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Rushing home to cook a meal is usually the last thing you want to do after a busy day. Since you can't get takeout every night, try these easy dinners that you can make in advance to save you time. These three recipes actually taste better a day or two after cooking!

Three Make-Ahead Dinners

Beef Stew

Beef stew begs to be made ahead. You can use your favorite recipe or try this easy one. Lightly coat one pound of 1/2 cubes of steak in flour. Saute until brown in a heavy-bottom pot. Remove meat, saute one diced onion and a tablespoon of minced garlic. Return meat to pot and add enough beef stock to cover, and cook covered over medium-low heat until tender. Add two cubed potatoes and two carrots. Cook until done. Store in the fridge, reheat and season to taste. 

Chickpea Salad

This vegetarian salad is hearty enough for a light dinner. Rinse two 15-ounce cans of chickpeas and dump in a bowl. Peel and remove the seeds of a large cucumber. Dice the cucumber and add to the chickpeas. Open a jar of sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil and add to the bowl. Stir and store in the fridge. Before serving, add the juice of one-half of a lemon and season to taste. 

Cold Fried Chicken

Believe it or not, cold fried chicken is actually delicious! Use your family recipe or try this one. Combine a pint of buttermilk, two tablespoons of Kosher salt and a teaspoon of fresh pepper. Soak three pounds of mixed chicken parts in the fridge for two or three hours, Meanwhile combine 1 cup of self-rising flour, a teaspoon each of paprika and garlic powder. Dredge chicken in flour mixture and fry in 350-degree oil for around 15 minutes until cooked through. Let cool on a wire rack and refrigerate. 

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