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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your College Career

Many of the residents at apartments in Flagstaff are college students, and this means that they have super busy, adventure packed lives. However, all the fun that comes along with being a college student may lead many people to let their goals slide a bit. Fortunately, there are three simple ways that college students can stay on track and make the…

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3 Underrated Places to Visit In Arizona

Getting out and exploring the diverse natural beauty of Arizona is one of the best aspects of living there. Residents of apartments in Flagstaff, AZ, are ideally situated to discover other parts of Arizona. Following are just three of Arizona's beautiful places that are nonetheless somewhat off the beaten track.  Oak Creek Canyon Oak Creek Canyon…

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Must-See Flagstaff Attractions for All Ages

Fascinating cultural attractions, invigorating outdoor recreation and beautiful natural wonders make Flagstaff, Arizona an ideal destination to replenish the mind and rejuvenate the body. Below are some must-see attractions that no one should miss when residing in this lovely part of the country. Walnut Canyon Because it is located near the Grand Canyon, the city…

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