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Playful Ways to Put Parsnips on Your Plate

Some veggies get way more attention than others at our Flagstaff, AZ apartment community, but parsnips always seem to be left out in the cold. Despite the fact that they're very much in season right now, many people overlook these root vegetables in favor of their carrot cousins. But fear not, dear reader. If you're looking…

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Three Make-Ahead Dinners

Rushing home to cook a meal is usually the last thing you want to do after a busy day. Since you can't get takeout every night, try these easy dinners that you can make in advance to save you time. These three recipes actually taste better a day or two after cooking! Three Make-Ahead Dinners Beef…

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Father’s Day Brunch Recipes

Plenty of dads put in a lot of work to help us along. That’s why Father’s Day is a special event. These are some Father’s Day brunch recipes we hope our Woodlands Village community members in Flagstaff, Arizona, find useful. NOLA-Styled Poached Eggs Featuring creamy collard greens and artichokes, few things add flare to the…

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