Five Easy Fall DIY Decorating Ideas

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Our theme for October is Fall Into Autumn! We’ll be bringing you everything from tasty treats for the season to décor ideas that will “leaf” you inspired to deck out your home in the colors of the season! We’re lucky to be in a four-season town, so we’re excited to “fall” in love with Autumn with you!
Fall may be our favorite season in Flagstaff, and brings with it so many opportunities to enjoy nature and flex your creativity! With a beautiful natural landscape surrounding us for inspiration, there’s no shortage of fun décor that helps you bring the fall season indoors. But rather than going out and buying new fall decorations, how about making them yourself? Here are five easy DIY fall décor projects you can display in your home this season!

Harvest Vases

All you need for this beautiful table topper are a few cylinder vases (we like these from Michael’s), a few handfuls of shelled nuts (think pecans), wheat bunches, and a sheet of autumn-colored scrapbook paper (brown, deep red, rust, gold, etc.). First, roll a strip of scrapbook paper and tuck it into the top of your vase as a decorative cuff. Stick a wheat bunch or two (you can also pick this up from Michael’s!) into the vase, and surround it with a big scoop of nuts! These make beautiful coffee table centerpieces, or you could hang them in wall sconces!

Twine Pumpkins

Have any extra toilet paper lying around? Turn it into a beautiful DIY pumpkin! You’ll need a roll of toilet paper, a skein of twine, scissors, a hot glue gun, and a stick. Secure one end of your twine to the inside of the toilet paper tube with a dab of hot glue. Wrap the twine around the toilet paper until the full roll is covered. Once the full roll is covered, glue the other end of your twine into the center of the roll to secure it, and stick your stick through the center to make the stem! Voila … an easy, beautiful autumn decorative piece!

Burlap Leaf Wreath

A wreath is a beautiful and simple statement piece to make your home’s exterior a little more welcoming. For this project, grab a straw plain wreath (you can snag one for under three bucks at Jo-Ann’s), a half- to full-yard of burlap, and either various colors of crafting felt, craft leaves, or head out to the Flagstaff forests to pick up some real fall foliage. If you go with craft felt (think greens, reds, yellows, and oranges), cut out some leaf templates on the felt—you’ll want at least twenty! You’ll also need some scissors and a glue gun. Cut strips of burlap; use hot glue to secure one end to the wreath frame, then wrap the full wreath with your burlap, gluing down the other end when needed. Once the full wreath is covered, begin placing your leaves on the wreath, securing them with hot glue. Make sure you leave some of the burlap exposed; it’s a beautiful fall textile, so let people see it! Once you’re happy with the look, hang your wreath on the door to welcome friends and fall to your home!

Mason Pumpkin Jars

For this craft, raid your cabinets for mason jars; you’ll also need brown and orange acrylic paint, wood pegs, scissors, glue, and fall-colors card stock. First, paint your mason jars orange (you can get a variety of shades for not a lot of cash at any craft store). Paint the lids brown. You can also paint the wood pegs, or leave them their natural shade of brown. While the jars and lids dry, cut leaf shapes from the card stock. Cut thinner strips of your card stock to curl as vines. (All you need to curl your strips is either the edge of a scissor blade—to curl like curling ribbon—or a pencil to wrap the strip around.) Secure a leaf and a few paper “vines” to each wood peg with glue, and then secure the peg “stem” to the jar lid with more glue. Simply screw the lids on to finish your project. These are great as centerpieces, or as candy jars! You can also use them as beautiful fall gift containers if you don’t mind giving up your beautiful craft!

Pine Cone Place Cards

Make beautiful pine cone place cards or card holders with pine cones you can find right here in Flagstaff! First, hunt for some pine cones with relatively flat bases. Secure them to a drink coaster with hot glue. To create a holder for your place card or stand for your greeting card, use sturdy craft leaves or dried real leaves; secure the leaf to the pine cone by tucking the stem into the pine cone and securing with hot glue. Secure the place card or greeting card to the leaf with either hot glue, foam tape, or double sided tape. Place these beautiful pine cone card holders on your table, bookshelf, or window sill!

Happy Crafting!

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