Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Woodlands Village Apartments! Valentine’s Day is about more than mushy cards and all the rich, decadent chocolates we’ll be buying for 60% off the day after (Woot! Woot!) … It’s about showing love for those who matter the most to us. Here at Woodlands Village, that means YOU! So this Valentine’s Day, we’ve prepared a few special (and, yes, still pretty cheesy) Valentines from our community to you. Enjoy!


1. A Hunk, A Hunk of Burnin' Love

We're with Elvis on this one … you've got our temperature risin'.



2. Call Us Corny …

… But we can't wait for you to "pop" by!



3. This Is No Mirage …

Life without you is like a desert with no water! 



4. "Just Relax …"

We're like a warm blanket … We've got you covered.



5. "Whenever You Need Me …"

" … I'll be there." Jackson 5. Awesome.



6. A Recipe for Love

A cup of you. A dash of us. Mix for 2-12 months. Serve hot.



7. Lights On!

Sing it with us: "You light up my days / And fill my nights / With song …"



8. Hot and Spicy

You're the butter to our popcorn … you give our lives the flavor we savor!


9. Get Cozy …

Relax. Stay awhile. We love having you here.



10. Never Change … 

We love you just the way you are … aka, living here. Making Woodlands Village awesome.

11. Treat Yourself

… 'Nuff said.

Thanks for making Woodlands Village your home, and spending Valentine's Day with us! You complete us. heart

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