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Refresh Your Home for the Summer

Refreshing your Flagstaff apartment home during the summer is as simple as including the sights, sounds, scents and textures from nature that can calm or energize your mood. Here are some suggestions to beautify your home for the summer that are economical and easy to implement. Refresh Your Home by Refreshing Your Senses Excite Your…

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Why Summer Is the Perfect Time to Brighten Up Your Apartment

There’s no denying that the seasons can powerfully affect our moods, and drab d├ęcor and dim lighting may sharply accentuate the gloom of the winter months. But nearly everyone feels an upsurge in well-being and energy during the summer months, making this the ideal season to brighten up your apartment. And a few simple changes made now will…

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Eight Must-See Summer Blockbusters

Our theme this month is “Summer in the City.” June is a fun month for Flagstaff, with a ton of great activities you’re sure to enjoy coming up on the calendar! It’s not only the perfect month to take advantage of the free amenities we offer right outside your front door (we’re looking at you,…

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