5 Fun (And Utterly Merry) DIY Advent Calendars

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December is here, and that means the holidays are almost upon us! The countdown to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and our other favorite holidays is officially on like Donkey Kong, and what better way to do the countdown in style than with a sweet new calendar?! We’re all about saving during the holidays, so if that store-bought chocolate-filled advent calendar isn’t quite your thing, here are some of our favorite DIY calendars to brighten up your ho-ho-holiday! And the best part is, all of these can be adapted to the holiday you're looking forward to. Have fun!

1. The Mini Tree Advent Calendar

Make a list … and don’t forget to check it twice! Your list might be made up of fun holiday-related activities, favorite memories from Christmases past, a to-do list of tasks to get your home ready for the holidays, or anything else that will make each day leading up to Christmas merry and bright. This DIY calendar has you then put each item from your list in a small box with a cute ornament on top. You’ll need small brown boxes (enough for each day leading up to Christmas or New Year’s), mini pine trees, glue, scissors, and this tutorial from Oh Happy Day!

2. Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Calendar

If you’re like us, you always wonder what you could use those empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls for rather than just throwing them away. Or maybe that’s just us … But if it’s not, this craft project is the answer for you! We love that this idea is both a neat way to recycle and a beautifully crafty way to countdown to one of our favorite holidays! Check out the tutorial from Morning Creativity here!

3. Easy Envelope Advent Calendar

Want to keep it simple? All you need for this calendar are envelopes, decorative paper, and a poster board! Cut out envelope liners from the pretty paper you pick out (try simple red and green craft paper, or some of the many holiday prints you can find at a craft store!). Fill the envelopes with tiny, quirky holiday treats, number each envelope’s lip with your countdown, and mount each envelope to a poster board! (Hint, hint: try a “reverse” advent by adding money to each envelope each day leading up to Christmas or New Year’s … it’s a great way to get a head start on your New Year’s Resolution to save!)

4. (Slightly More Complicated) Geometric Advent Calendar

Maybe “simple” isn’t a word in your vocabulary. If not, give this slightly more complicated calendar a try! The creator describes it as “simple, minimal, [and] with just enough festive sparkle,” so maybe it’s not as hard as we think, but we see the word “geometric” and get a little nervous. Unfortunately, the designer didn’t share how to make the geometric boxes, but fear not; we found you this video tutorial! Or try this awesome template maker that will automatically design the template for a box to your specific measurements. The rest of the tutorial on making this calendar can be found here.

5. DIY Punch Box Advent Calendar

So, we all know the holidays can be stressful … Here’s a calendar that will help you get a little frustration out, and you even get to enjoy a sweet treat as you do it! You can adapt the design to however many days you’re counting down, and the decorations of your box to whichever holiday you’re celebrating. The key, though, stays the same no matter what: Have fun makin’ it, and have fun breakin’ it! Get the tutorial from Studio DIY!

Enjoy your crafting! Enjoy your calendars! And enjoy your holidays! Ho-ho-ho!

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