Five Easy (But Still Awesome) Last Minute Gift Ideas!

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It’s that time of year … the time when you start freaking out because you forgot that party you RSVP’d for, and you don’t have a gift! Worry not … We’ve got you covered with five last minute gift ideas that the recipient will be sure to love!

Five Easy (But Still Awesome) Last Minute Gifts

Print a Present

The ultimate last minute gift is one that’s worth more than a thousand words (so save your excuse on why you didn’t bring anything!). Think of a moment of significance for you and the recipient, and share a photo from that moment! Whether it’s a real picture you took during the event—like a birthday party, wedding, vacation trip, etc.—or a snapshot you can take that captures the moment, the photo memento will mean a lot! You can print the picture at home (save your color ink … black and white is SO in!), and snag a nice frame and gift bag on your way to the party!

Subscribe and Save (the Day!)

There are so many subscription services out there these days, it would be hard to NOT find one your special someone will enjoy! Monthly boxes make great gifting options: try Blue Apron for meal deliveries, Birchbox for a health and beauty bounty, or even KitNip Box for your fellow cat lover! Then there are the subscriptions everybody loves: NetflixHulu Plus, and Pandora are all monthly subscriptions that won’t set you back too much! You can also shop great bargains on magazine subscriptions from Amazon or Blue Dolphin!

Ye Basket of Gifting

Ah, the old tried and true gift basket … Rather than going out and ordering or buying a premade gift basket, head to the store and get creative! Think about your host or pal’s favorite colors, and find household items and other fun trinkets that go along with a color theme. Or, pick a theme you know the recipient will love. For a foodie, snag some tea towels, a nice cutting board, wooden utensils, fancy spices, a few tried and true recipes (or a cookbook), etc. For a pampered pal, try chocolates, scented candles, pleasant smelling bath and shower products, and a fluffy robe. For a techie, grab some tools, a fancy USB drive, a wireless speaker, computer cleaning supplies, etc. Remember: a gift package is just as much about the presentation as the present, so be sure to get creative and pick out the perfect packaging to make your gift really shine!

The Gift of Learning

Sign your friend—and yourself!—up for a fun class! Check out Groupon for great deals on local classes from yoga to cooking, or see what some local shops might have to offer! Check out Creative Live for a ton of great classes you can sign up for online and find your friend’s interest to get them started. Check out Brit + Co for classes on coding, calligraphy, crowdfunding, and more! It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Give Some “Me” Time

Does your host love hosting but hate cleaning? Chip in for a housekeeping service for a day! Maybe you’ve been listening to your friend complain about some much needed car service. Set up the appointment and prepay for the labor … you can even volunteer to take their car in for them so they can just relax and wait for it to be done! If finding a service isn’t something that’s easy for your friend, maybe you can try a day or night out: buy them some movie tickets, concession stand vouchers, and for friends with kids find a babysitter (or offer to do it yourself). You could do the same with a spa day, a dinner out, a sporting event, or whatever tickles your friend’s fancy.

Remember: Just because it’s a last minute gift doesn’t mean you didn’t put a lot of thought (and love!) into it! Find something simple and unique to give this holiday season, and take joy in the simplest gift of all: the gift of giving!

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