3 Simple Pantry Recipes You Can (Probably) Make Right Now

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Easy MealWhen it comes to watching your favorite food programs or looking up recipes online, sometimes it can feel as though the creators are a little presumptuous about what's in your pantry. While we all know we're supposed to have certain items squirreled away, it's not unusual to open the doors and find one lone can of diced tomatoes that expired a year ago. We don't want to be presumptuous either, but hopefully you can make at least one of our suggestions. 

1. Pantry Pasta 

At its heart, this dish is just parmesan, olive oil, butter, garlic, and red pepper. What's especially useful about it is that you can really mix it up if you don't have all the ingredients. The pasta water does wonders for blending in the oil and butter into a silky sauce

2. Spinach Tortellini Tomato Soup

While this one is slightly more complicated, it's also a good way to use up an older can of tomato soup. Packaged tortellini, chicken broth, spinach, and garlic really jazz this dish up, and it's equally good for leftovers as it is the day it's made (a feat that few dishes can really measure up to). 

3. Jalapeño Parmesan-Crusted Grilled Cheese

Sometimes you just need a little pucker to add to a basic dish to get a meal that you won't regret. Grilled cheese is definitely one of those items that you can make even when you're bone-tired, and the extra flavor might just be enough to add to your regular rotation. Plus, it's just five ingredients (including the butter). 

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